About Our Workshops

USAY’s workshop curriculum was created in 2015 in response to gaps in existing anti-sexual assault curricula. The curriculum is fully based on contemporary research on peer networks, social influencing, and masculinity. We maintain a positive tone throughout our 90-minute workshops, focusing on ways in which men can actively contribute to the fight against sexual and domestic violence. The workshop is divided into four sections, covering the following topics:

  • The ways in which men and women are socialized into certain behaviors during childhood and adolescence, and how that socialization manifests itself in later behavior
  • Group behavioral dynamics
  • Sexual and social scripts, and power dynamics in social and sexual situations
  • How to productively hold your peers accountable for their behavior and create a healthier, more respectful sexual climate within your organization

We have held workshops for every fraternity at Yale, and have had several hundred workshop participants over the past 2 years. Additionally, our workshop curriculum is now used by fraternities and social organizations at Columbia, the University of New Haven, and the University of Tennessee. Our workshops were also shadowed and profiled by the Wall Street Journal in March 2016.

In addition to our workshops aimed at all-male groups, we offer tailored workshops for all-gender and all-women groups, which cover power dynamics, common myths about sexual assault, how to contribute to a healthy sexual climate, peer accountability, and how to support sexual assault survivors.

We are committed to continually improving our workshop program, and solicit optional anonymous feedback after each workshop. A feedback sample from a Greek Life leader on campus is below: 

  • Helen, Jack, and the rest of the USAY team were incredible. USAY workshops address issues that are incredibly important to any organization that functions as a social space, and these issues can sometimes be uncomfortable to talk about as a large group. The USAY team did a great job of making the workshop a safe space for everyone to speak, engaging all members of the workshop in the discussion, and helping to guide the dialogue in a way that led to productive and thoughtful outcomes. I can confidently say that SigEp came out a more respectful and inclusive organization because of the amazing work that Helen and Jack did, and the workshop laid the foundation for an ongoing conversation on how we can further improve our organization. - Charles Vojta, New Member Director, Sig Ep
  • We have held USAY workshops for all of our members for the past two years now and are truly appreciative of them for addressing issues that oftentimes go ignored. The workshops have always been well-run, interesting, and effective. The USAY coordinators are all very insightful and effective leaders. I speak on behalf of Sig Nu when I say we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with USAY and working towards making Yale a safer and more inclusive place for all. -Aakeem Allahjah, Vice President, Sig Nu